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Legendberry Luxe Patch

Legendberry Luxe Patch


Extra luxe die cut patch depicting the Legendberry logo in plush red velvet, metallic silver and gold embroidery, multicolored rhinestones, and beaded details. This is unlike any patch you've seen before, it's more like a piece of jewelry for your clothing.

• 4" wide
• Attachment options: iron-on, sew-on, or safety pin


Limited edition, only 25 will ever be made, so when they're gone they're gone for good.

  • We recommend ironing it on from the back of the fabric rather than over the top of the patch to protect it from direct contact with the iron.

    You want to make sure the patch is adhered firmly to your garment before wearing it. Get into the edges with the iron really well when you're ironing on the patch. If necessary, wait for the patch to cool down and then if any of the edges or corners are pulling away from your garment, get that specific area again with your iron.

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