This jacket is part of Berried Alive history and we are so excited to finally have it available in our shop. For the past few years we have worked towards elevating our merchandise by giving it the element of luxury. We know that you love music and you want to represent your favorite bands through your clothing. The conversations and friendships you are able to strike up over a shared interest or the opportunity to provide somebody with their new favorite jam are valuable to you.


But there is something so incredible about owning and wearing an article of clothing that is a little on the extravagant side. It lifts the mood when you put it on, and as you go through you day and accumulate appreciative glances and compliments, your confidence raises and maybe everything on your to-do list feels a little more manageable. 


It might seem silly to put so much emphasis on clothing, but it can’t be ignored that really great pieces hold a certain type of power. We feel it when we wear our favorite clothes, and we want our fans and customers to feel that power when they wear Berried Alive.


This is the first fully custom cut-and-sew piece we’ve had to offer, starting with the Hellapeño graphic on the back which was drawn by the amazing artist Mark Cooper of Mindrape Art, to the Strawberry Crossbones camouflage print that Kaylie created. We designed this jacket from top to bottom  starting from a sketch, thinking of all the details we would include on our ideal jacket. Then, we turned to Portland Garment Factory for help in creating the patterns to make the vision of our perfect jacket come to life.


The result is a beautifu