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When the band I played guitar for was offered a recording contract with North America's largest independent record label, I thought my career as a "real" musician was just beginning. But after being misled by management, rushed into recording an album, and physically wearing myself out on tour, I knew there had to be a better way to make my lifelong career goals a reality. 

Now, through strategic use of the internet, thoughtful and uninhibited songwriting, and several creative product ideas, I am making more of a living for myself than I ever was while signed to a label, having my career imposed upon me by other people. 

In this book you will learn about my story to get to the success I enjoy today as a musician. I will compare the life of a traditionally signed musician to the freedom of an independent career, and I will share the practice habits, goal-setting techniques, and even health habits that have helped me achieve my musical accomplishments. You'll learn budgeting tips, time management skills, and I'll share my opinions on which pieces of gear are worth including in a musician's rig. 

Most of all, I hope to show you that, no matter which type of music career you decide is right for you, any limitations on you and your goals are artificial. Your music career can be anything you want it to be, as long as you make smart decisions and maintain dedication to your objectives.

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