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Scheduling (this is all Pacific Western Time):

All week from 6PM to 8PM

Thank you for your interest in taking lessons from me! Giving lessons is an important part of my job as an independent musician and I want you to know that I take teaching very seriously and I hope you take learning seriously as well. I want our time together to be enjoyable, but please know that my aim is for you to come away from our lessons having learned something new or improved at a skill. Before our lesson, please be prepared with some specific skills you’d like to learn or a list of questions you’d like to ask me. I will have some ideas for what to teach you as well once we’ve spent some time together, but my students are starting at all different levels, so it’s important for you to know ahead of time what your lesson goals are and we’ll go from there. Please also save any questions for our lessons. I may have a lot of students at any given time, plus I run my own music career independently, so I am unable to provide help to students between lessons. When you come across questions during your practice time, please take note of them and we can discuss the answers at your next lesson. 

Before you schedule your lesson, please make sure you read and understand my cancellation policy (below), as I am not able to make exceptions for any circumstance.



If for any reason you are unable to attend a lesson that you have already registered and paid for, the following cancellation policy applies:

If it is more than five (5) days before the scheduled lesson date, we can schedule another lesson time during my available lesson hours or I can credit you back your payment minus a $10 administrative fee if you'd like to cancel altogether. This credit can be redeemed either via PayPal or as a credit toward Berried Alive merchandise. If you choose a store credit, your credit will be good for 6 months and can be applied to a rescheduled lesson at a future time. Simply contact us by email and let us know how you would like the credit applied and how you would like to pay for any balance, if due.

If you cancel less than five (5) days before the scheduled class start date you are not eligible for a credit or a refund.

In the unlikely event that I must cancel a scheduled lesson, you will be given the option of a full refund or we can re-schedule your lesson.


In order for me to be able to provide lessons as well as create new music and content, the above policy will be STRICTLY adhered to! Sorry if that is harsh, but I really value my time, and I have to follow some sort of policy or else people will simply take advantage of me.

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